JourneyDXP is the leading digital experience solutions provider redefining the modern B2B buyer’s journey that offers digital-first software and services for integrated account-based marketing, sales, and management. By transforming disparate touchpoints into customer-centric buyer journeys, personalizing engagement strategies, and sharing process improvement expertise, JourneyDXP achieves greater customer insights and increased engagement that helps organizations grow more profitable pipelines and stay competitive in dynamic industries.

Our Mission: To enable B2B companies to leverage digital experiences and transform how they sell and manage accounts. We make it easier to sell, buy, and more reliably predict revenue growth.

Why Partner with JourneyDXP


Configurable Digital Personalization Tools

Build personalized digital experiences for prospects, customers, and partners in a secure, scalable native Salesforce platform that empowers both team members and their targets.


Swap makeshift microsites and landing pages for a faster, more flexible solution filled with powerful, easy-to-use tools capable of simplifying complex customer journeys.


Consolidate interactive content to educate leads, automate with smart playbooks for continuous audience engagement, and collaborate with colleagues to connect with stakeholders in a single, on-brand space through JourneyDXP Smart Rooms.


Data-Driven Customer Experiences

Bring your brand into the digital-first age with predictive insights that help you optimize marketing, sales, and account management tactics for accelerated growth.


Establish a co-owned online ecosystem open to contributors across your organization to push past stalled pipelines and engage with customers who crave self-directed digital experiences.


JourneyDXP Smart Rooms lets you directly access customers at key moments to develop stronger relationships and monitor their behavior to anticipate needs even in the most complex sales cycles.


See everything from the most important point of view—the customer’s.


Dedicated Design & Engagement Experts

Gain momentum in your organization’s shift to digital selling and discover new ways to embrace technology that marketers, sales reps, and account managers love.


Our design and engagement experts help teams build confidence with JourneyDXP Smart Rooms, create custom themes and reports, set effective KPIs, cross-sell products, tackle new markets, and more, implementing best practices specific to your customer lifecycle and industry.


Stay competitive and obtain greater ROI from your CRM investment with a meaningful, multi-channel platform backed by specialists committed to your success.

Experience Account-Based Engagement

JourneyDXP’s flagship product, Smart Rooms, is a native Salesforce digital experience platform packed full of features to support more efficient everyday account-based marketing, sales, and management.

Store interactive content, message partners and prospects, create team playbooks, customize room themes, and streamline self-directed customer exploration for simplified B2B sales engagement.

Easy to implement and use, Smart Rooms offers valuable insights on lead statuses in the sales pipeline, overall account health, content views and message opens, and even opportunities for timely connections that could make or break a sale.

Beyond our digital experience platform, JourneyDXP provides dedicated technical support, consulting on best practices and user experience design, and strategic guidance for handling product launches, new markets, and more.


Grow Your Revenue & Navigate Change

These are challenging times for B2B organizations. Many of the strategies that performed well just a few years ago won’t work in the virtual world we live in today. But B2B lags behind B2C in the adoption of processes and tools that create digital-first customer experiences.

That’s why JourneyDXP was founded in 2015 with the singular purpose of helping companies catch up with high-quality customer engagement technology. We believe that a true competitive advantage is gained by reducing the friction between prospects and team members in marketing, sales, and account management.

With virtual selling and an account-based model, businesses can empower their customers to make educated buying decisions that lead to rapid revenue growth.

Privately held and headquartered just outside Philadelphia in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, JourneyDXP works with world-class companies across several B2B verticals, including technology, finance, insurance, manufacturing, and professional services.


“Smart Rooms are easy to use and provide great insight about our customer’s digital behavior. In our complex technical sales cycle, they’ve enabled our team to anticipate the buyer needs and respond quickly and efficiently.”

Monique G., VP of Marketing

“Our partners consistently raved about their Smart Rooms. They’ve drastically enhanced how Nintex on-boards and enables partners.”

Ray G., Partner Program Manager

“We use Smart Rooms to support our high-touch engagement methodology. They’ve become the chosen mechanism for efficiently sharing content across our global user community.”

Mike F., CEO

“With Smart Rooms, we are capitalizing on our investment in Salesforce CRM. None of our competitors offer anything like Smart Rooms.”

David S., Executive VP Sales