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Smart Rooms selected as the best “Digital Sales Room in 2023”

November 7, 2023

Best in Class

As the first-to-market Digital Sales Room (DSR) solution and the only DSR built native to Salesforce, the team at JourneyDXP was thrilled with recent recognition by The RevOps Team assessing Smart Rooms as best-in-class for customer engagement. Thank you Rev Ops Team!

DSR Tech deemed Transformational by Gartner

The review by Rev Ops Team included solutions from numerous vendors, further underscoring the emergence of DSR tech as Transformational for sales teams – a recent distinction by Gartner in their 2023 Hype Curve for Sales.

That we were rated best-in-class for Customer Engagement was particularly meaningful, as the Smart Rooms DSR solution was built by sales and marketing pros, for client-facing teams, and from an “outside-in” perspective – always putting the customer experience first on the list in our developmental roadmap.

Impact of Generative AI

JourneyDXP’s steadfast commitment to presenting the optimal digital customer experience has created a chasm of difference between Smart Rooms and other DSR solutions, particularly given the recent emergence of generative AI. After all, in a world where generative AI drives a whole new spike in content proliferation, how can sales and marketing teams continue to differentiate themselves from the competition? Of course, by presenting your content in an engaging, immersive, collaborative experience – exactly what Smart Rooms was built to deliver.

Making it easy

Beyond delivering the best-in-class digital customer experience, Smart Rooms are designed to make it exceptionally easy for sales teamsto launch personalized experiences from a ”Smart Template”. And then, by making it equally easy for marketing/content teams to manage those
individual customer experiences at scale, from one central place.

A Smart Template allows Marketing to update some or all Rooms in just seconds, always ensuring that the latest and greatest version of content, messaging, design, and branding is updated, and the customer has a uniquely personalized experience.

Just a few clicks and a Smart Room can be sent to a customer. Sales and executive teams love the Smart Rooms experience as it creates radical differentiation, drives greater collaboration with prospects and customers, aids in compressing cycles, and drives more revenue.

Here to Stay

The need to optimize your digital customer experience is here to stay. Not only do client-side teams now expect a white-glove experience, but the increasingly mobile sales workforce is growing more and more aware of the best tools to help them meet or exceed goal. Companies that have the best solutions will attract the best salespeople, who will then win the best customers.

To make sure you’ve got all your bases covered, consider the three legs of The Engagement Triangle:

The first leg comprises your internal-facing tech and support. These are as necessary today as they ever were, with the market at this point beyond saturated with choices.

The second leg comprises your external, or client-facing digital experiences. Historic application here trended towards making it easier for reps to locate a piece of content, and quickly get it out to the customer with pre-formatted, marketing-approved messaging. The problem with this now, in 2023 and beyond, is that customers don’t WANT more emails to keep track of. And they especially don’t want more emails, with more attachments – all of which they need to save, remember, share with others, run meetings around, and so forth. Accenture conducted a pretty deep study on this exact topic and found that 87% of the companies they surveyed agreed that traditional experiences were no longer enough to earn their business.

So what DO they want? Consider:

    McKinsey reports that B2B digital leaders are driving 5x more revenue than their peers.
    Gartner predicts that by 2025, 80% of all sales interactions between buyers and sellers will occur in digital channels.

Bottom line: there is growing urgency for B2B sales companies to put forth an optimal digital customer experience, with your DSR solution becoming the digital centerpiece of the whole relationship.

And then finally, the third leg of the engagement triangle encompasses the insights and analytics that should inevitably stem from your digital solution. Which client contacts are engaging most? Which of them are inviting others into the experience? What content is getting the most attention, and by whom? Which pieces of content seem most influential to a positive outcome? And so on. Bottom line… the optimal digital customer experience will also be highly informative for the sales team, truly helping them meet the customers where they are, anticipate their needs, and take engagement to a whole new level.

Let’s Connect

With Smart Rooms from JourneyDXP being a solution uniquely built by an executive team with deep personal experience in selling and sales leadership, we are delighted to be at the forefront of the digital-for-sales discussion. If you would like to learn more about us and our flagship Smart Rooms DSR solution, click below and we’ll contact you to arrange a convenient time to meet.

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