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Case Study: Carew International

Customer Profile

For 45 years, Carew International has been a leader in the training industry, providing innovative, high impact training and development programs to support excellence in sales, leadership and customer service.


The Challenge

The sales profession has been permanently and dramatically changed over the past few years. The changes are requiring companies to completely re-imagine and evolve their end-to-end customer experience – with a special emphasis on how newly emerging digital tools and methods could be most effectively incorporated.

The Approach

Carew International – a Top 10 Sales Training Company for the past decade and running – has gone through that same transformation, with a twist: not only did the Carew team need to respond to the changing dynamics affecting their sales team, but they also needed to help their clients make those same adjustments.

Carew analyzed the situation and recognized that there are two sides to digital customer engagement: synchronous, and asynchronous. The synchronous side is handled through the use of Zoom, Teams, or others. For this, Carew had already deployed Zoom as their tool of choice – largely based on ease of use and how many of their clients had also adopted the same tool.


Choosing Smart Rooms

The tool of choice for their asynchronous experience, however, took a little more consideration. After a thorough search, Carew chose Smart Rooms from JourneyDXP. Scott Stiver, Chief Sales Officer at Carew, says of their decision “the entire Carew team pride ourselves on being extremely connected to our clients. When they do well, we celebrate their wins with them. And when times are tough, we have a responsibility to help them.

That’s what happened in 2020. The entire B2B sales community had to turn on a dime. We all had to immediately become comfortable with presenting online, using digital to maintain engagement through a full sales cycle, and closing deals remotely via digital means. It was easier said than done, and at Carew, we decided to lead by example.”

Stiver continued, “If we’re going to train our customers on something, we must develop that same competence ourselves, and if excellence is the goal, then the tool you choose to deploy has to measure up. We concluded that Smart Rooms from JourneyDXP is simply the best, most complete digital sales room solution on the market. And then add in the fact that it’s built native to our Salesforce CRM, and the decision was easy.”


The Result

Since 2020, Carew has deployed 288 unique Smart Rooms to over 5,600 client contacts and learners, resulting in over 57,000 client engagement events. The use cases include:

  • maintaining engagement with new contacts and leads developed at a trade show; traditional sales cycles;
  • content dissemination to learners before, during, and after training engagements; ongoing Account Management/engagement,
  • internal use cases when content sharing and digital collaboration are necessary.

According to Stiver, the results have been transformational. “Smart Rooms has added tremendously to every component of our company – from our prospect engagement and sales results to our learning experiences and the way we engage with the salespeople we’re training, to the way we just work together internally. Training companies are by definition all about the client experience, and the Carew experience – for everyone involved, both internal and external – has been very positively impacted by our adoption of Smart Rooms.”