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Case Study: Compuware

Customer Profile

Headquartered in Detroit, MI, Compuware is a 46 year old company that provides mainframe development products for the world’s largest companies and organizations – financial services firms, telcos, airlines, government agencies, and more.


The Challenge

Mid-size organizations have largely shifted away from traditional mainframe systems and into the cloud-computing era, shrinking Compuware’s total addressable market. To combat changes, Compuware’s sales strategy shifted to have a greater emphasis on efforts to upsell and cross-sell new products to existing customers.

The Approach

As Compuware began modernizing to a more digital-centric brand, they needed to spread and adopt this new image across their sales organization. In response, leadership developed a new “go to market” strategy that moved away from the old sales methodology, but holes in the process remained. They recognized that the sales team needed a leading-edge digital solution for their customers to self-educate and learn new computing methods. In addition, they needed to engage the Compuware sales team on new ways to approach mainframe computing and programming challenges.


Introducing Smart Rooms

After an extensive search and vetting process, Compuware selected Journey Sales’ Smart Rooms as their primary customer engagement solution and set out to achieve the following goals:

  • Simplify and improve how customers self-educate about new Compuware products
  • Improve the employee training program
  • Empower the successful long-term use of the company’s Mainframe system

Compuware launched 214 Smart Rooms for current opportunities in year 1 and conducted 2,900 unique outbound engagement efforts to over 1,300 contacts. The result was an engagement index of nearly 4,500, which means that 1 outbound push resulted in nearly 2 customer engagement activities.


The Result

Since their adoption of Smart Rooms, Compuware has become a leader in digital sales transformation and is recognized as one of the 50 Best Companies to Sell For in 2018. They’ve posted their best quarter in ten years, and customer demand and sales pipeline are the strongest they’ve been in years and gaining momentum.

Compuware also established a new level of trust with their customers, who now prefer to engage and collaborate through Smart Rooms. They view Compuware’s digital selling initiative as a real partnership effort focused on their long-term success.

Additionally, the sales team is reaping the following benefits of Smart Rooms:

  • Organically uncover new contacts in accounts without touching the phone or sending an email
  • The Engagement Index lets them know where and how they should be spending their time
  • Easy to share essential training, which is critical to the sale
  • The technology investment shows that they’re serious about creating a partnership
  • Provide a feedback look into the team so they build a solid business case and keep deal momentum moving forward

Ultimately, Smart Rooms have led Compuware to sales resulting in millions of revenue and in great relationships with their best accounts.