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Case Study: Nintex

Customer Profile

Nintex is the recognized global leader in workflow and content automation. It’s no-code and cloud-based workflow platform is easy to use and helps knowledge workers quickly tackle the automation of everything from basic business functions to company-wide processes.


The Challenge

In 2015 Nintex acquired California-based Drawloop which offered customers a fast and easy way to automate the generation of documents in Salesforce. In order to effectively message this new technology, called Nintex Document Generation, to partners and enable them on the new capability Nintex required a quick to set-up solution that would cater to the Salesforce ecosystem to complement its existing partner portal. It also needed to be fully customizable by partner type/tier and be easy for partners to serve themselves.

Reducing Friction, Accelerating Results

Nintex is a Salesforce customer and Nintex Document Generation is a Salesforce-native product. Nintex partners use Salesforce. With Smart Rooms, Nintex accelerated partner on-boarding and enablement, in an environment familiar to partners. Partners, in turn, could quickly self-educate, access training and learning center materials, register deals, request quotes and submit order forms. It also was easy for Nintex to track partner engagement with Smart Rooms analytics, allowing the company to add, remove or modify Smart Room content on the fly, in just a few clicks.



Traditional partner portals are notorious for their lack of personalization. In fact, it’s often one portal for all. This directly correlates to low adoption and engagement rates. Smart Rooms, however, are fully customizable—from content all the way down to branding.

For Nintex, that was huge. The company’s partner program is comprised of three tiers: Registered, Certified and Premier. Not only does each tier require different content, but arming each partner with custom, on-brand content makes them more effective and ultimately more successful with Nintex technology.



Nintex launched nearly 200 Smart Rooms, engaged more than 630 partners contacts (users) and generated north of 3,700 engagement points during a two year period. Simply knowing partner engagement data like that gives organizations unprecedented insight that can be used to increase channel revenue.