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Case Study: TrialScope

Customer Profile

Recognized in CIOReview’s 2016 List of the 20 Most Promising Pharma and Life Sciences Tech Solution Providers, and the 2016 HealthCare & Pharmaceuticals Awards, TrialScope simplifies the complexities of clinical trial transparency. The company’s award-winning, proven solutions have been implemented successfully and rigorously tested in the most complex environments and are managing disclosures for roughly 30 percent of industry sponsored clinical trials. TrialScope’s market-driven solutions and expertise enable sponsors to improve performance, mitigate compliance risk, and ultimately optimize efficiencies with clinical content lifecycle management tools, expertise and processes. TrialScope technologies are offered via a validation-ready SaaS platform hosted in a private cloud.


The Challenge

Due to the mounting complexity of emerging industry regulations and ever-evolving clinical trial disclosure requirements, TrialScope sought to increase product education and engagement across its customer base. To accomplish this, the company required a solution that could effectively deliver industry information and product updates to its global customer base, ultimately positioning the organization as a thought leader in the space and as a trusted technology partner.

Previous attempts to achieve these objectives did not meet expectations. In fact, the most recent solution quickly became an information dumping ground, a content graveyard of sorts rarely used by TrialScope salespeople, let alone customers. Organizational leadership determined that an invigorated customer portal, effectively branded and reflecting TrialScope messaging, was required. The solution needed to be simple to deploy both internally and externally as well as easy to maintain.

Solution: Smart Rooms

In April 2015, TrialScope added Smart Rooms to its Salesforce environment, custom branding the solution as TrialScope Connect, an online portal where customers can securely and easily access TrialScope content including product information, technical updates, FAQs, support communications, and user group content. All customer communications are routed through TrialScope Connect and all customers have been invited to join the portal.


Key Outcomes

  • Upon implementation of Smart Rooms, TrialScope saw marked increased product adoption and usage of its clinical trial compliance solution.
  • Custom-branded Smart Rooms powered high-touch engagement with 100 percent of TrialScope customer accounts.
  • By presenting an organized, dynamic platform, TrialScope Connect improved the TrialScope customer experience and reduced friction.
  • The custom-branded TrialScope Connect Smart Rooms serve TrialScope as a competitive differentiator.
  • A singular, centralized source of product and industry information satisfied customer demand and expectation yet was simple to access and maintain.
  • TrialScope Connect fosters brand awareness and serves as a value-driven foundational platform for a strong community of users.

The Flexibility of Smart Rooms

Smart Rooms are digital spaces where sales team can create guided, personalized digital engagement journeys that today’s B2B customer demands in order to self-educate, build internal consensus and, ultimately, buy. That said, Smart Rooms customers continue to identify new and unexpected uses of the product, as evidenced by TrialScope Connect, developed collaboratively by TrialScope and Journey Sales. This reinforces a core tenet of Smart Rooms and that’s that engagement matters. Whether used for new account acquisition, account management, channel sales or something entirely unique, Smart Rooms can create a unique—and valuable—layer of customer engagement functionality on top of Salesforce for any organization.