Smart Rooms for Marketing

Build strong connections with the sales teams by extending reach across accounts and increasing the quantity and quality of your pipeline.

Smart Rooms give marketers the ability to partner with sales and execute account-based marketing programs with visibility and analytics on customer engagement across accounts.

Account-Based Marketing

Go beyond the capabilities of microsites and other marketing tools with fast, flexible Smart Rooms.

Build, launch, and maintain highly targeted and personalized account-based marketing campaigns to generate marketing qualified leads.

Analyze customer activity to understand who is actively engaged, who requires development, and how best to advance customer relationships.


Pipeline Development

Today, developing sales ready opportunities is a joint effort between sales and marketing. Develop leads and early-stage opportunities by continuously aligning the right information and the best people.

Include thousands of contacts in a single Smart Room and allow them to complete their customer journeys independently.

Guide lead nurturing with Smart Playbooks and turn Smart Rooms into containers for executive forums, networking, customer advisory councils, and more.