Strategic Consulting

We leave no question up in the air—our digital consultants guide you to expert Smart Room use

Need help optimizing your digital customer journey? Want guidance and advice to empower your salespeople? JourneyDXP is with you every step of the way during Smart Rooms implementation and beyond your initial use of the platform, providing expert support and strategic recommendations to improve your efforts across the board.

Virtual Selling Strategy

JourneyDXP will design a virtual selling strategy that aligns with your revenue goals, go-to-market model, and processes.

We’ll work to identify gaps in your sales, marketing, or account management processes and set SMART goals to start making progress.

Indicators may include account coverage, customer engagement growth, critical content views, and qualitative feedback.

Let us help you find new opportunities and compress your sales cycle to secure more wins.


Engagement Coaching

JourneyDXP will share best practices for realizing ideal Smart Rooms adoption, usage, and impact.

We can provide timely technical support and answer questions through Smart Care, but we can also take things a step further with weekly coaching sessions for groups and individuals as needed.

Discover better ways to fuel sales engagement, communicate with customers and team members, launch products and campaigns, and reach your goals.


Analytics Reviews

We’ll help you configure dashboards and notifications on user activity and analyze the outcomes for continuous improvement.

Ensure your analytics are strategically aligned with your sales goals and learn how to keep up with incoming data to equip every team member with helpful knowledge they can use to refine their approach.

JourneyDXP helps you digest and interpret data to understand opportunity and account health indexes, predict customer retention, identify opportunitiess to cross-sell, and more.


“Smart Rooms are easy to use and provide great insight about our customer’s digital behavior. In our complex technical sales cycle, they’ve enabled our team to anticipate the buyer needs and respond quickly and efficiently.”

Monique G., VP of Marketing

“Our partners consistently raved about their Smart Rooms. They’ve drastically enhanced how Nintex on-boards and enables partners.”

Ray G., Partner Program Manager

“We use Smart Rooms to support our high-touch engagement methodology. They’ve become the chosen mechanism for efficiently sharing content across our global user community.”

Mike F., CEO

“With Smart Rooms, we are capitalizing on our investment in Salesforce CRM. None of our competitors offer anything like Smart Rooms.”

David S., Executive VP Sales