Digital Sales Platform for the Modern Buyer

JourneyDXP is redefining marketing, sales, and account collaboration with a modern digital-first customer experience. Smart Rooms is a B2B digital experience platform built natively to your Salesforce CRM. The all-in-one customer relationship collaboration platform empowers cross-functional relationships that guide the customer journey, extend reach deeper into client organizations, increase user engagement, and generally create more meaningful relationships. Want to learn more?
See how results improve by creating engaging buying experiences, and schedule a briefing with a virtual selling expert.


Why Smart Rooms by JourneyDXP?

Our digital account collaboration platform doesn’t replace account teams. It improves sales and marketing results by making it easier for users to engage and ultimately buy.

Identify Targets & Relationships

  • Uncover more target markets, accounts, regions, and audiences
  • Realize formal and informal relationship networks and associations
  • Engage the right people at the right time with the right information

Improve Selling & Buying

  • Facilitate self-education within a digital-first experience for clients
  • Use Artificial Intelligence to identify ideal moments to connect
  • Determine, forecast, and execute next-best actions and content

Increase Cross-Selling

  • Engage customers consistently with real-time analytics and insights
  • Deploy Smart Playbooks for account-based sales content and strategy
  • Use digital account collaboration to increase ROI and shorten sales cycles

About JourneyDXP

JourneyDXP is a leading digital-first customer experience solutions provider redefining the modern B2B buyer’s journey through digital-first software and services for integrated sales, marketing, and account teams. By transforming disparate touchpoints into customer-centric buyer journeys, personalizing engagement strategies, and sharing process improvement expertise, JourneyDXP can achieve greater customer insights and increased engagement for organizations looking to grow more profitable pipelines and stay competitive in dynamic industries.