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Smart Rooms
A Powerful B2B Digital Experience Platform for Virtual Customer Engagement

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The Only Salesperson That Works 24/7

Smart Room  noun \ ‘smärt room \

A branded digital collaboration space where businesses and their customers align. A native Salesforce application that unites sellers and buyers in a personalized, collaborative workspace where customers self-direct activities while teams guide the journey.

Discover a Powerful B2B Digital Experience

JourneyDXP is redefining virtual selling with a modern digital customer experience. Empower your sales teams to guide the customer journey, extend reach, increase engagement, and create more meaningful relationships.

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“Smart Rooms are easy to use and provide great insight about our customer’s digital behavior. In our complex technical sales cycle, they’ve enabled our team to anticipate the buyer needs and respond quickly and efficiently.”

Monique G., VP of Marketing

“Our partners consistently raved about their Smart Rooms. They’ve drastically enhanced how Nintex on-boards and enables partners.”

Ray G., Partner Program Manager

“We use Smart Rooms to support our high-touch engagement methodology. They’ve become the chosen mechanism for efficiently sharing content across our global user community.”

Mike F., CEO

“With Smart Rooms, we are capitalizing on our investment in Salesforce CRM. None of our competitors offer anything like Smart Rooms.”

David S., Executive VP Sales

Make Everyone on Your Team a Digital Sales Pro
  • Sell they way customers buy today, digitally
  • Grow account revenue with upselling and cross-selling
  • Collaborate internally and externally selling
  • Analyze account & opportunity health
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Make Everyone on Your Team a Marketing Sales Pro
  • Personalize ABM campaigns in private branded experiences
  • Co-manage and optimize customer engagement with sales
  • Share timely, relevant, on-brand content with customers
  • Analyze products and markets for hidden opportunities
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Increase Upsell/Cross Sell Revenue & Ensure Retention Through Deeper Relationships
  • Create personalized, private customer experiences
  • Streamline account management in one organized space
  • Grow customer relationships at all levels of organizations
  • Review actionable account analytics for new ideas
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Optimize Customer Experience & Provide Focused Support in the Moment of Need
  • Grow a collaborative channel partner resource center
  • Accelerate partner education, training, and coaching
  • Seamlessly co-sell with greater activity visibility
  • Drive more revenue through channel partners
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