Account Management

Evolve the way you manage accounts to uncover new opportunities and revenue streams

Smart Rooms let account managers build and grow key customer relationships across accounts by aligning the right information and the best people.

Key Account Management

Leverage both human and digital experiences to build new and existing relationships across an account.

Wow your clients with Smart Rooms personalized to their company brands. Align account governance, goals, and objectives to the Smart Room experience and Smart Playbooks.

Target and expand relationships across the account, leveraging key subject matter experts and executives. Ramp up new partners, clients, and new hires without forcing account teams to manage the back and forth of hundreds of phone calls and emails.


Retention & Growth

Effective management and relationship development after the sale increase revenue retention and growth.

Leverage surveys and other tools to measure customer sentiment, and chat with team members to get a pulse on community conversation.

Make upselling and cross-selling feel less like selling and more like a natural part of the relationship strategy.