Implementation & Training

A painless process backed by comprehensive user training and ongoing support

Our native Salesforce Architecture ensures implementation is a simple process. Smart Rooms leverage your existing Salesforce configuration and customizations. JourneyDXP provides initial training and ongoing support to guarantee success with your solution.


JourneyDXP will work with your team to install Smart Rooms into your Salesforce ORG.

As a native application, the process is straightforward, and most customers are up and running within a few hours.

We’ve installed Smart Rooms in both very simple and very complex Salesforce environments, and we’ll help identify any customizations that may require changes.


Administrative Support

JourneyDXP will provide ongoing support to your Salesforce administrator and other key team members.

Our Smart Rooms and Salesforce experts work with your enablement team to launch and support customer-facing Smart Rooms.

We’ll configure your settings, applications for licenses and user management, integrations, digital onboarding, and any other features you need to see success.


Updates & Support

JourneyDXP provides technical support and will assist in the updates to new releases.

We often deploy in a customer’s Salesforce Sandbox for testing before any major release.


“Smart Rooms are easy to use and provide great insight about our customer’s digital behavior. In our complex technical sales cycle, they’ve enabled our team to anticipate the buyer needs and respond quickly and efficiently.”

Monique G., VP of Marketing

“Our partners consistently raved about their Smart Rooms. They’ve drastically enhanced how Nintex on-boards and enables partners.”

Ray G., Partner Program Manager

“We use Smart Rooms to support our high-touch engagement methodology. They’ve become the chosen mechanism for efficiently sharing content across our global user community.”

Mike F., CEO

“With Smart Rooms, we are capitalizing on our investment in Salesforce CRM. None of our competitors offer anything like Smart Rooms.”

David S., Executive VP Sales