Smart Rooms for Sales

Smart Rooms don’t replace you—they make you better at selling by making it easier for your customers to buy.

Smart Rooms are Digital Sales Rooms (DSR) that help sales teams and their managers guide steady, contextual engagement, shortening sales cycles and increasing close rates.

Improve Selling & Buying

Whether interacting with a new or existing customer, you can make selling a more enjoyable experience for their team and yours.

Smart Rooms make it easier for customers to make decisions by facilitating self-education and collaboration, reducing buying and sales cycles by 30% or more.

Determine ideal moments to connect with AI-powered recommendations that help you forecast and execute the next-best activity. Use digital selling to predict when you’ll close deals to increase rates by 25% and build a more profitable sales pipeline.


Increase Cross-Selling

Selling new products to existing customers is the most productive way to grow revenue. Consistent engagement is key, and real-time notifications and analytics on customer behavior tell you who is ready to buy and when.

Enhance cross-selling and expansion programs with Smart Playbooks designed around sales content, winning sales strategies, and intuitive collaboration.

Deploy digital sales rooms to shorten sales cycles and improve close rates.