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Stop Selling and Start Guiding to Build an Account-Based Selling Program that Works


Journey Sales CEO, Bill Butler, and YourEncore Chief Revenue Office, Mike Lewis, lead in this webinar hosted by Jonathan Farrington of Top Sales World. With the rise of Account-Based Selling in B2B sales, Bill and Mike discuss the top strategies and tools to help you meet and exceed all your goals. Here’s what the webinar covers:

  • The fundamental shift that’s happening in B2B sales
  • What about sales really rubs customers the wrong way
  • How you can truly digitally enable your salesforce
  • What it means to be a good digital citizen
  • How hunters and farmers are giving way to fishers


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About JourneyDXP

JourneyDXP is a leading digital experience solutions provider redefining the modern B2B buyer’s journey that offers digital-first software and services for integrated account-based marketing, sales, and management. By transforming disparate touchpoints into customer-centric buyer journeys, personalizing engagement strategies, and sharing process improvement expertise, JourneyDXP achieves greater customer insights and increased engagement that helps organizations grow more profitable pipelines and stay competitive in dynamic industries.

  • Configurable Digital Personalization Tools
  • Data-Driven Customer Experiences
  • Dedicated Design & Engagement Experts