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Launching a Dynamic Digital-First Customer Experience

July 26, 2022

Growth will always be a top priority for B2B companies. If not, customers will inevitably outgrow your offering, and your company will become obsolete. The pace of digital transformation frequently dictates technological developments and deployments. The next step for account-based sales and marketing, if not already underway, is to take a digital-first approach to selling.

Gartner predicts that by 2025, 80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will occur in digital channels.1 Think about it. 63% of high-revenue growth companies have embraced the hybrid work model, allowing employees to work in person and telecommute. Hybrid is the wave of the future, including in the world of B2B sales.

A digital selling strategy is not a rip and replace of your traditional sales process or team. It augments your existing people, process, and content, making them better at selling and easier for customers to buy. Let’s discuss the inherent benefits of a digital-first sales process.

  • Accommodate Digital-First Customers
    Companies that learn to sell digitally have a competitive advantage. Naturally, we’re all consumers, and we’re always on our phones and smart devices. It only makes sense for B2B companies to provide similar digital customer experiences. You’ll immediately uncover more value in the digital-first sales process by selling the way the modern buyer wants to buy.
  • Provide an All-in-One Collaboration Space
    A Digital Sales Room (DSR) is a collaborative space for all account-based engagement. First, internal sales and marketing teams align on account details and objectives. You can add key members of the prospect company who then have the power to invite who they want—stakeholders, decision makers, and so on. The DSR becomes the hub and go-to resource for all content and communication.
  • Analyze Digital Body Language
    As customers engage and interact, sales and marketing can review actionable account analytics, adjust activities, and optimize engagement with timely, relevant resources and messaging. By serving the customer what they want and when they want it, you’ll move them along the sales funnel at a comfortable pace while still accelerating the purchase decision.

Engage Customers in a Digital-First Sales Process

While digital-first may seem less human-like, it provides ample opportunity to form deeper, more meaningful relationships with prospects and customers. Digital tools build engagement with customers and decision makers to mimic traditional forms of selling with transparency, personalization, and human interaction. Human engagement provides understanding, builds relationships, and establishes trust, while a digital customer experience guides the customer, maintains engagement, and analyzes activity. The typical B2B sales process leverages nearly seven times more digital selling touchpoints than human.

As a joint force, hybrid selling coordinates all digital and human interactions to guide a modern customer journey. Key to your success with leveraging digital selling, account-based marketing and sales teams must align to provide a seamless and integrated customer experience. When you’re all working toward the same goal, it’s important to act like it. B2B leaders must get behind digital transformation and encourage internal teams to work closely to implement a successful digital selling program.

With a DSR in place, you can execute lead generation and acquisition programs for new customers, retention and expansion programs for existing customers, and personalized workflows for all members, accelerating the partner channel’s growth in a digital-first sales world.

Discover a Powerful B2B Digital Customer Experience Platform

We’re redefining virtual selling with a modern digital customer experience. Smart Rooms by JourneyDXP is a personalized, collaborative workspace where customers are empowered to self-direct activities. At the same time, your team guides the journey with branding, content, live chat, analytics, and powerful playbooks. If two heads are better than one, imagine everyone on your team working towards the same goal.

For more information on digital-first sales strategies, download our Virtual Selling eBook to discover what’s critical for achieving B2B sales success and get tips to easily build a best-fit virtual sales strategy.



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